Workshop description

Declan gives workshops in portrait, still life and landscape. These are designed for all levels of ability. Each student will be taught all the techniques to create their own unique and expressive oil pastel artwork.

A brief layout of the workshop includes
• Introduction to oil pastel brands and the best tools for blending and layering pastels
• How to use oil pastels effectively
• Identifying colour zones from a primary source
• Underpainting techniques when using pastels
• Visual and actual textures that can be achieved using this medium
• How to create a unique and expressive painting through blending and layering techniques
• The best varnishes and finishes to use on completed artwork

His creative approach in his oil pastel workshops have shown to be a success in many secondary schools throughout Ireland. The skills and processes developed in his workshops are invaluable in exploring the new Junior Certificate Visual Art programme, the Leaving Certificate course book and Transition Year programme.

Through the visual art processes, students will experience the visual thinking process of
• imagining
• investigating
• experimenting
• making
• displaying
• evaluating

• Critical and creative thinking
• Being creative
• Managing visual information and thinking
• Discovering a new medium
• Exploring a wide range of technical processes from conception to realisation